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Valorising cultural heritage resources
This part of the DigiCULT-study will:
Describe how cultural heritage institutions see and adapt to the pressure
to "go commercial",
provide an overview on online business models,
describe the institution to business market for surrogates of cultural
heritage objects (e.g. digital images) with focus on factors that support or
constrain market entry and development (including a SWOT analysis of
the ,,fitness" of cultural heritage institutions to be players on the relevant
look into new library services that are not related to special collections,
provides a case study on genealogy or family history, which is booming
on the Internet and is a field were archival databases can be turned into
and finally, will summarise the findings and provide a set of recommen-
dations for policy and institutional decision makers provided.
Yu Hui-Hung, Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan, 1997