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169 was the first web site launched by, Inc. in 1996, and focuses
primarly on subscribers to its online data services. For the U.S. it offers "over one billion
names" from a multitude of databases, and has committed itself to add 10.000 names each
working day, which is of course a marketing trick to keep users coming again and again.
Subscriptions sold the first subscription in 1997, in July 2000 it reached 200.000, and in
July 2001 over 400.000 subscriptions, making it the third largest paid subscription site on
the Internet behind the Wall Street Journal's and
(Contentbiz, 2001)
In October 2001, offered the following subscription plans, with the most
popular subscription plans said to be: Super, Basic annual and Basic quarterly.
Other business lines has of course an online store offering many products:
consumer electronics such as computers and scanners, genealogy software, books and
archival supplies, family gifts, personalised products, etc. Magazines: Most important are the
bi-monthly Ancestry Magazine and the tech-related quarterly Genealogical Computing.
Advertising opportunities offered include: Traditional ad units & banners, boxes, interactive ads;
sponsorships & feature articles, contests; targeted newsletters, etc.
Free information also offers a lot of free information that attracts visitors, i.e. potential
subscribers and shoppers: The New Ancestry World Tree: and
have combined their public family tree databases (Ancestry World Tree and WoldConnect)
built from user-submitted family trees. It is the largest family tree offering available online,
including more than 150 million names.The new implementation also includes "post-em"
notes, which allow users to make comments on the information they find. Free e-mail
newsletters: distributes a daily and a weekly e-mail newsletter (over 5 million
subscribers) containing the latest family history tips, news and trends. How-to resources: offers some readings, information and tips for beginners and more advanced
genealogists (but directs them of course to products and services on offer).
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million U.S.
(332 million
*)The annual subscription includes a 30 day money back guarantee and for the first three categories the free Ancestry Magazine CD-ROM.