background image, the "grandchild" of Banner Blue, still develops and markets genealogy
software applications, but the focus of software development has shifted to software that can
make use of the main sources for today's genealogy information gathering: online databases.
It was said, that is also a "late-comer".The company was launched in the
fall of 1999, three years after, and with less capital. It has many strengths but
there seems to be one main weakness: In comparison to, it is somewhat
lagging behind with regard to online information resources, i.e. access to key digitised
archival material it can offer to subscribers. An overall comparison of the data resources of and would not easily be made, but with regard to U.S. census
data, it only offers the 1900 census (and seems to have no plans to further digitise census
data).'s "flagship" is clearly the Family Tree Maker, which is bundled with
online services. In October 2001, the following Family Tree Maker 9.0 packages were
Shear volume of data vs. intelligent software?
In the competition between the two major U.S. players (and players from Europe)
shear data volume, software, and "community" are among the most important factors: is clearly stronger in data volume and obviously also in "genealogy
community".'s key asset is the software Family Tree Maker, which might
be a strong "lock in", i.e. users that have it might stick to the services and other products
offered by the company
Without going into details, a short description can highlight one feature:The Online
Family Finder Report. Owners of a Family Tree Maker package can use it to search the
data in their entire family tree against searchable genealogy data on the Internet, as well as's hundreds of data CDs. It is quite an intelligent search machine, which can
search multiple names and dates simultaneously. After the search is completed, the software
then produces an organised report with the findings prioritised by likelihood that the
names found are actually family members connected to the family tree being searched. In
January 2000, reported that its Online Family Finder Report had
conducted a total of 6.7 million individual online searches in a single day.
FTM 9.0 Premier
FTM 9.0 Deluxe
FTM 9.0 Plus
FTM Programm Only
Includes 3 month subscriptions to Genealogy Library, Interna-
tional&Passenger Records,World Family Tree, and 1900 Census
Includes 3 month subscriptions to Genealogy Library and
World Family Tree
Includes 3 month subscription to Genealogy Library