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Marketing & Community has an affiliate program to attract users, offering affiliates 10 to 15% of
everything users who come from their web sites spend at Origins, which includes data-
bases access fees as well as charges to order print copies of records.
On these "official" web sites the community factor is rather weak. Both, Scots Origins
and English Origins give information that visitors can become members of a "discussion
group", i.e an e-mail list, with the "Scots Origins discussion group" on Yahoo being the
Main web sites <>
Scots Origins: <>
English Origins: <>
General Register Office for Scotland: <http://www.gro->
The Society of Genealogists: <http://www.>
Further interesting sites
Scottish Archives Network (SCAN): <>
SCAN offers on its web site good e-learning material on how to-do family history
and in particular on palaeography, and links to the Scots Origins web site.