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A small songbook for use in churches, Amund Laurentsson (Printer), Stockholm, 1548?
The following section gives an overview on the recommendations for the
different addressees of the study, decision makers of European archives,
libraries and museums (ALMs) on the one side, and policy makers at the
European, national and regional level, on the other side. A more detailed
description of the recommendations and overall conclusions follows in the
second part of this Executive Summary.
We would like to point out that the study consortium is very aware of and
recognises the differences that exist between institutions in the various
cultural heritage sectors regarding their size, the subject matters that they
cover, their missions and purpose, as well as in what might be called their
horizons, whether they are local, national, international, where their funding
comes from and where they are positioned in public perception. These
distinctions make a difference in what ALMs see as success in any part of
their ventures including the digital world.Therefore, the decision makers of
ALMs need to interpret the following recommendations within the
framework of their institutions, to fit their own requirements.