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multimedia productions related to the extensive publication of original CD-ROM
and DVD-ROM titles,
new techniques for interactive cinema and as a consequence interactive narrative,
based on innovative panoramic and full dome projection systems and real time 3D
processing of digital video data.
This research and development effort resulted in a broad range of generic hard- and
software tools, designed specifically for artistic needs.
Institute for Music and Acoustics
With the Blue Cube, the Institute for Music and Acoustics owns a professionally
equipped sound and recording facility. Artists can integrate the same state of the art
technology used in the media industry in their works.The results of the highly
experimental exposure with electronic music and acoustics often in co-operative projects
with the Institute for Visual Media are presented to the public in performances,
workshops and lectures.The spectrum covers such productions as live electronic works for
the concert stage, music theatre with interactive technology, digital sound synthesis,
algorithmic compositions, and studio production of film music, radio plays and CD-ROMs.
The results of this fruitful, artist-driven research and production process can be seen in
the ZKM Media Museum or in the many events and performances.
ZKM Artist-in-Residence programme
Basis for the fruitful co-operation between international artists and the ZKM's research
institutes is the Artist-in-Residence programme that allows invited artists to live and work
at the ZKM.The artist-in-residence programme offers artists:
use of high-level equipment, free of charge and over extended periods of time,
office space at the ZKM,
free access to the skilled know-how of the institute's staff,
a six months stipend of DEM 2500 per month to cover living expenses (the stipend
can be renewed if the project is considered worth the additional support by the
department heads; it may be extended to up to 1 ? years or as long as it takes to
finish the art work).
Institute for Basic Research
In addition to the two production and experimentation facilities, the ZKM also houses
the Institute for Basic Research.This institute positions itself at the intersection of basic and
applied research that is not necessarily justified by any commercial or industrial intention.
The main attention of the department is turned to the development and application of
visual-haptic interfaces for fundamental experiments in the fields of the "object-subject-
relationship". Such developments and experiments are of media-technological relevance to
gain insight in the cognitive and interactive processes. Methods comprise different feedback
and interaction mechanisms between simulated subsystems of dynamical systems as well as
between real operators and virtual realities.