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ZKM financing
The annual budget mainly consists of public contributions for the ZKM, plus additional
public contribution for the Museum of Contemporary Art that has its own budget.
Annual turnover ZKM: DEM 24 mio./EUR 12 mio. (excluding the budget for the
Museum of Contemporary Art)
Complementary financing from the City of Karlsruhe and the State Baden-Wuerttemberg:
DEM 8 mio./EUR 4 mio. each.
Additional DEM 3 mio./EUR 1.5 mio. by the City of Karlsruhe for projects
Own contribution - entry fees, renting out building and third party funds (for example, co-
operation for the EXPO 2000 with large commercial companies, such as Soda): 5 Mio
DEM/EUR 2.5 mio.
DEM 3 mio./EUR 1.5 mio. for renting the building (flows back to the City of Karlsruhe)
Annual personnel costs: DEM 7 Mio./EUR 3.5 mio.
Leaves DEM 6 mio./EUR 3 mio. which is spread among the research institutes and the
media museum as annual budget
Additional budget Museum of Contemporary Art: DEM 6 mio./EUR 3 mio.
Contribution by the state: DEM 4,4 mio./EUR 2.2 mio.
Contribution from ZKM-budget: DEM 1,3 mio./EUR 750.000
Own contribution (from entry fees, publications, etc.): DEM 300.000/EUR 150.000.
ZKM visitors
Museum visitors
: 1999/2000: 400 600 visitors per week
Total number of ZKM-visitors
1999: 170.000
Total number of museums visitors in 1999: 125.000
Total number of ZKM-visitors 2000: 208.000
Total number of museums visitors in 2000: 120.000
* Museum visitors: all visitors to the two museums., ** Total number of ZKM visitors: visitors to all ZKM facilities
events, Mediathek (the ZKM multimedia library and archive), the museums.