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In the second phase, expert opinion and trend finding, the objective was to gain an expert's
point of view on the technological development and future trends in the cultural heritage
sector by discussing the working hypotheses with experts in the cultural heritage field, to
further verify or falsify our assumptions.
In total, over 180 experts from all of Europe, the United States and Australia were
involved in the study, through interviews, expert round table, an online Delphi survey, and
in the case studies. Over a six month period, the DigiCULT consortium carried out:
29 interviews,
five expert round tables and a half-day meeting with representatives of the French
Ministry of Culture,
a web-based Delphi study in 2 phases,
and five case studies.
Interviews as research instruments were chosen to gain in-depth information on a very
specific topic, rather than giving a broad account on various issues involved.The inter-
viewers used the research questions as entry points to move to a detailed account on
particular issues in the cultural heritage sector. In addition, the interview partners were
encouraged to make recommendations with respect to the four target groups of the study,
i.e. ALM+ institutions, national policy makers, the European Commission, and funding and
professional bodies.
Interview partners were selected in a two month consultation process involving the
Steering Committee, the Consortium as well as the European Commission.The result of
this consultation process was a pool of over 140 experts to be consulted in interviews as
well as the expert round tables. A full list of all the experts that participated in the
DigiCULT study is enclosed in the Appendix.
Selection of the experts was based on several criteria. Potential interview partners
and round table participants should:
be able to give an account on a special aspect of the study topics,
be experts in the field for which the institution stands (with regard to the
DigiCULT topic areas),
possess proven knowledge, based on experience,
provide an industry point of view or possess best available knowledge on markets
and/or sector knowledge,
be future oriented and/or visionaries.
Almost all interviews were audio recorded and took approximately 2 hours.