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ERT on Services & Demands / Exploitation Issues in Edinburgh, UK, July 24,2001
(hosted by SCRAN)
The emphasis of this workshop was put on the following points:
Promising markets, pricing, alternative business models:Who will be the future
clientele for intelligent heritage? What kind of cultural services possess the highest
potential to become profitable services? How do you price your products/services?
Have you came across alternative business models?
Copyright clearance, protecting rights:Which tools/methods do you use for
copyright clearance? Are those methods sufficient? What kind of copyright
clearance can you envision for the future?
Marketing and packaging: How do you market your services? What marketing
budget do you have available?
ERT on Future Trends in Amsterdam, September 25-26, 2001
(hosted by the Filmmuseum of the Netherlands)
This workshop proceeded under the leitmotif of "unlocking the value of the cultural
heritage", based on a four layer model of adding value to cultural heritage resources:
Unlocking the value with political action:What kind of political actions and
measures are needed to give positive impulses to the cultural heritage sector?
Unlocking the value with new technologies:What future technologies do you
foresee, providing expert knowledge and creativity, and providing user
personalisation and community? From the technological point of view, how can
cultural institutions make the jump to provide resources of higher value?
Unlocking the value with organisational measures:What concepts and
opportunities, organisational as well as technological do you see to unlock the
intellectual capital of cultural heritage institutions in the information and
knowledge society? What are the major obstacles?
Unlocking the value in terms of specific user segments, and revenues:What
strategies do you see to better "mine" the commercially relevant fractions of cultural
heritage institutions?
Half-day workshop in Paris, France, September 6, 2001
(hosted by the French Ministry of Culture)
The issues discussed at the Paris meeting focused especially on cultural heritage policy:
French cultural policy:What features differentiates the French cultural heritage
policy in comparison to other European national cultural heritage policy models?
Which are the advantages and the main obstacles of the French cultural heritage
policy model?
New economy models for cultural heritage in France: Do you see any relevant
economic models in the cultural heritage sector in France, e.g. between cultural
institution and the industry?