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S t e e r i n g C o m m i t t e e M e m b e r s
We would like to thank the members of the DigiCULT Study Steering Committee for
their valuable comments and assistance during the course of the study.
Costis Dallas
Lecturer in Cultural Heritage Informatics and Management
Department of Communication and Media
Panteion University
Sygrou Avenue 136
176 71 Athens
Dr. Costis Dallas, Chairman and Senior Researcher of, holds Master's
and Doctoral degrees from the University of Oxford. He is currently a lecturer in the
Department of Communication and Mass Media of Panteion University, and has over 15
years of research and professional experience in hypermedia applications, human factors
issues and cultural information systems. He has been Special Secretary of the Greek
Ministry of Education in charge of libraries, archives and instructional technologies, and
Special Advisor of the Greek Foreign Minister on cultural and information technology
Paul Fiander
Head of BBC Information & Archives
B209 TV centre,Wood Lane
W127RJ London
Paul Fiander first joined BBC Worldwide in 1992. In June 1998, he joined Information
& Archives as was given the task of positioning the business unit for the digital age and
stabilising it's losses which were running at approximately 2m per year. His responsibility
as head of the Department is to give I&A financial stability. One of his main functions with
the management team is to formulate the strategy for I&A's future:To ensure it builds the
skills, systems and technology to put I&A in the best position to help it's customers,
stakeholders and staff.