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Böcker Heinz-Dieter
Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Integrated Publication and Information System Institute
Boeselager Elke Freifrau von
Referent for the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, German Foreign Office ­ Political
Archives and Historical Service (Germany)
Borm Julien Van
Director UIA-Library, University of Antwerp (Belgium)
Boylan Patrick J.
Professor of Heritage Policy and Management, City University London (UK)
Brandes-Druba Bernd
Business Consultant, Sparkassen- und Giroverband für Schleswig-Holstein (Germany)
Brückner Matthias
Database Administrator, Freiburg University (Germany)
Brunelli Bruno
Responsible for Multimedia Services Communication Unit, Finsiel SpA (Italy)
Brygfjeld Svein-Arne
Head of Research and Innovation, National Library of Norway (Norway)
Campbell Debbie
Director, Co-ordination Support Branch, National Library of Australia (Australia)
Cantwell Ingrid
Senior Librarian and Head of Department, Stockholm University Library (Sweden)
Cappelini Vito
Professor, Department of Electronic and Telecommunications,
University of Florence (Italy)
Cathro Warwick
Assistant Director-General for IT, National Library of Australia (Australia)
Charlier Phillip
Historian, Loundoun House Museum (Australia)
Cheer Peter
Information Technology Officer, Scottish Museums Council (UK)
Choudhury Sayeed
Head of Digital Knowledge Center, Johns Hopkins University (USA)
Clews Stephen
Curator, Roman Baths Museum (UK)
Coles Alison
Marketing Manager, St Albans Museums (UK)
Conner Michael W.
Curator and Associate Professor, Southern University at New Orleans (USA)
Cooper-Anifowoshe Edris
Artistic Director, BACCE (USA)
Counsell John
ICT Budget Holder/Researcher and Senior Lecturer,
University of the West of England (UK)
Crombie D.
Researcher, Federatie van Nederlandse Blindenbibliotheken (The Netherlands)