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Ross Seamus
Director of Humanities Computing and Information Management,
University of Glasgow (UK)
Rusbridge Chris
Director of Information Services, University of Glasgow (UK)
Ruthven Tom
Director, Digitisation Projects and Document Supply,
National Library of Australia (Australia)
Sandford Paul
Researcher, Library Information Technology Centre, South Bank University (UK)
Schlenkrich Clemens
Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv (Germany)
Schlinkert Dirk
Volkswagen Communication, Corporate Archives (Germany)
Schmidt Jürgen A.
Director, Educational Concepts, Ernst Klett Verlag (Germany)
Schoch Bettina
Project Manager, Pandora New Media GmbH (Germany)
Schönfeld Caroline
Amsterdam Municipal Archives (The Netherlands)
Schüller Dietrich
Director, Phonogrammarchiv, Austrian Academy of Sciences (Austria)
Seel Peter C.
Deputy Secretary General, House of World Cultures (Germany)
Shaw Jeffrey
Director, Institute for Visual Media, Centre for Art and Media (Germany)
Sillitoe Paul
Head of Archives and Records,Waterways Trust (UK)
Sledge Jane
Information Resources Manager,
National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution (USA)
Sliwinska Maria
Executive Director, International Center for Information Management,
System and Services Nicholas Copernicus University (Poland)
Snyders Marius
eCulture Policy Advisor, Ministry of Education, Culture & Science (The Netherlands)
Spinazze Angela
Programmes Manager,
Computer Interchange of Museum Information Consortium (USA)
Stathoulia Theodora
Adjunct Professor, Library School,
Technological and Educational Institute of Athens (Greece)
Stockdale David
Heritage Development Officer, Dundee City Council Arts & Heritage (UK)
Stoye Sabine
Intelligent Views GmbH (Germany)
Thomas David
Digitisation Projects Manger, Public Records Office (UK)