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L i s t o f E u ro p e a n c u l t u ra l h e r i t a g e p ro j e c t s
This list gives a non-comprehensive overview of examplary ICT-related cultural heritage
projects in European countries since 1996.The projects are listed according to the co-
ordinating institution.
CULTOS Cultural Units of Learning: Tools & Services
The CULTOS project will develop concepts, systems and tools for knowledge
publishing.The conceptual results from the project will be a knowledge architecture, a
publishing service architecture, and a publishing process architecture.The application
domain of CULTOS is intertextual studies in literature and art where scientists make
explicit the different relationships between texts in a way that approximates the process of
cultural contextualisation characteristic of interpretative processes.The experts use well
defined sets of typical conceptual relationships that can occur (e.g.,"is a parody of ","is an
allegory of "). CULTOS will produce an authoring environment for intertextual threads.
The output of authoring by such experts will be multimedia objects called "Intertextual
cultural threads" (ITC threads).These are based on a novel type of structured multimedia
meta object containing expert knowledge conforming to current and emerging standards
such as XML/SMIL (with interactive extensions), MPEG-7, RDF.
Digital Image Archive
The project Digital Image Archive (1991-2001) is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of
Education, Science and Culture and the Austrian Industrial Research Promotion Fund and
aims at restructuring the "Collection of Portraits, Picture Archive and Fidei Commissa
Library", Austria's largest picture documentation centre.This division of the Austrian
National Library holds more than 1.5 million pictures focussing on historical portraits,
architecture, topography and history of Austria.The project's main target is to create an
efficient model for a Digital Image Archive, which is based on the existing organisational
structures of the collection.
PRESTO Preservation Technology
PRESTO will develop state of the art technology in the preservation of film, video and
audio media.The main partners include the largest archives in Europe: BBC (UK), INA
(France) and RAI (Italy). Information is also collected from other major European archives.
REGNET Cultural Heritage in Regional Networks
REGNET's aims are to set up a functional network of service centres in Europe which
provides IT-services dedicated to cultural heritage organisations and to enable eBusiness
activities of cultural heritage organisations. Multimedia industries supporting the production
of electronic publications will be integrated. REGNET will provide access to digital data
(scientific and cultural) as well as physical goods as provided by museum shops.