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BOLD ­ Belgian Online Libraries Directory
The BOLD project was initiated by the Belnet User Forum Workgroup on Libraries and
is carried out by the Université Libre de Bruxelles, the Universiteit Antwerpen and the
Vrije Universiteit Brussel. BOLD aims at creating an on line library directory using LDAP
(Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)-technology.
CARMEN ­Computerised Archival Retrieval in MM Enhanced Networking
In the project CARMEN De munt/La Monnaie, the National Opera House, has
developed a digital database with the ambitious objective of preserving its very extensive
archives in digital form.
The aim of EOLE is to provide access to databases with multimedia content (images and
text) about the Belgian cultural patrimony.The database is a selection of documents from
different domains: architecture, sculpture, painting, silversmith's, ceramics, prints, drawings.
VAKHUM ­ Virtual Animation of the Kinematics of Human for Industrial,
Educational and Research Purposes
The VAKHUM project aims to develop an interactive database for industrial, educational
and research purposes. Users will access the database through a virtual interface and be able
to download high-quality data for their own applications, or take an online class on func-
tional anatomy.The data collection procedure being used to amass the above data must also
solve theoretical problems, and the consortium aims to tackle these issues at the same time.
VIRLIB ­ Virtual Library
The VIRLIB project is a co-operative project between the Royal Library Albert I, the
libraries of the University of Antwerp, the Université Libre de Bruxelles and IRIS, a com-
pany specialised in digital image processing.The purpose of the project is to develop an
electronic document delivery system to be used by ILL departments in Belgian university
libraries. It can be considered as an extension to the Impala system.This system is based on
the concept of distributed VIRLIB servers used for the transmission and receipt of PDF
documents through FTP or TIFF files through email.
WG-PAT ­ Belnet Working group "Cultural Heritage"
The Belnet workgroup "Cultural Heritage" is a forum for discussion and information
exchange concerning the technical aspects of databases in the field of cultural heritage.The
project aims: to build a discussion forum concerning cultural heritage (and specially digital
images); to list and evaluate standards; to publish a yearbook with persons and institutions
who are specialist in the field of cultural heritage; to make public reference databases