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Art Index Denmark (KID) The National Database on Art in Danish Museums
Art Index Denmark represents a further development of a 1996 project under KulturNet
Denmark. In this project, basic information about some 36,000 works of art from 55
museums was made accessible online. Some 1,000 works of art from 36 museums were
illustrated. and
ARTISTE An Integrated Art Analysis and Navigation Environment
ARTISTE will give providers, publishers, distributors, rights protectors and end users of
art images information, as well as the multimedia information market as a whole, a more
efficient system for storing, classifying, linking, matching and retrieving art images.The
system will be useable e.g. in publishing, collection management, decision making and life
long training applications.
Danish Audio History From the early days of sound recording up till the present
The State and University Library in Aarhus in 1996 has opened a second version of the
web project `Danish Audio History' which is run in collaboration with other Danish
institutions. Financial support is provided by the Danish Ministry of Culture as part of
KulturNet Denmark.The main aims of the project are: to present audio history information
and examples on the Internet; to provide sample collections for teaching purposes; to
achieve agreements with copyright holders; to test and use compression formats and ECMS
(Electronic Copyright Management Systems).
Danish Composers on the Internet Database listing of contemporary Danish
composers and their works
Composers on the Internet is a project established by the Danish Music Council and the
Danish Music Information Centre (MIC) with the aim to provide public access to the MIC
database listing of contemporary Danish music. As of July 2000, this listing comprises some
13,000 works by 300 composers.The project includes the development of a user-friendly
interface and search options useful to the general public as well as scholars and other
professionals. Information from the database is supplemented by some 200 brief composers'
portraits in prose, further supplemented by photographs and annotated links; in the case of a
number of selected portraits, biographical treatment is extensive and music examples are
DEFF Denmark's Electronic Research Library
The Danish national project DEFF (1998-2002) aims to move libraries from the state of
automated, conventional, co-operating individual libraries to the state of one large, coherent
electronic library structure providing integrated information services. DEFF's vision is to
offer the end-user: a single point of access, a unified login (including one user id), one
common user interface, i.e. one presentation structure, one uniform and user-friendly
retrieval system, direct access to electronic media and a unified request service. In co-
operation with the Ministry of Research and the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of