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Culture has decided to invest 200 million DKK in the project which aims to provide
researchers, students, business, and other professionals with easier, faster, and more effective
access to the latest research information.The project is part of the government's current
initiative for research and IT.
DMOL Danish Museums online
Danish Museums on-line is supported by KultureNet Denmark. It will become a joint
web-portal for Danish museums. As a step towards the national widespread virtual museum,
DMOL will present 10 - 15 artefacts or pieces of art from each museum.This presentation
will give an impression of the great variety of collections in the app. 150 legislated or state
museums in Denmark.
Eskimo Treasures
The Eskimo Treasures project (1997) is the first step of the National Museum of Den-
mark to publish one of its object databases on the Internet in order to provide access to
information for a broad audience.
Flora Danica Online
The digitising of Flora Danica is part of a KultureNet Denmark project carried out at
The Danish National Library of Science and Medicine (DNLB).The purpose of the project
is to publish Danish plates of natural history on the Internet.The project began in the
spring of 1997 was finished at the end of the year. All 3240 plates are available on the
Internet, and it is possible to search individual plants and to browse the plates.
Literaturnet Aspects of Danish literature represented on the Internet 1999
The Danish Literature Centre is setting up a system of access to all aspects of Danish
literature represented on the Internet. Literaturnet is being developed alongside the Centre's
author profiles and is intended as a collective interface from which users can link to the
various services.The author profiles site, Danish Authors - Profiles (
forfatterprofiler/), will form the basis of Literaturnet. In 2001, it consisted of about 100
profiles - the most extensive bilingual access point to Danish literature to be found on the
Internet.Furthermore, Literaturnet offers a categorised assortment of links about Danish
n2art A curated exhibition venue for netart in the Nordic region
n2art is a platform for net art, an exhibition of new art forms. It is also a political con-
struction, a prototype for Nordic co-operation, and an experimental funding structure for
net art. n2art is the first common Nordic project within the national CultureNets.The
purpose of n2art is to establish a curated exhibition venue for netart in the Nordic region.
The National CultureNets operate under the Ministry of Culture in the different Nordic
Countries. n2art is one of the first publicly funded netart sites in the Nordic region.