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ELEKTRA Electronic publishing and network access to publications
ELEKTRA is a joint project of libraries, publishers, learned societies and copyright
organisations, being part of the strategic program: Education,Training and Research in the
Information Society of the Ministry of Education. ELEKTRA aims at enhancing both the
services and the technical and contractual conditions of electronic publishing and network
access to electronic publications in Finland.
EVA Acquisition and archiving of electronic network publications
EVA is a joint project of libraries, publishers and expert organisations, being part of the
strategy program: Education,Training and Research in the Information Society by the
Finnish Ministry of Education.The central aim of the project is to create methods and tools
to collect, register and archive electronic publications distributed on the Internet and to
investigate conditions for long-term preservation of those publications in libraries.
The Finnish Virtual Library Project
The Finnish Virtual Library Project is a subject gateway which field-specifically assorts
and describes Internet resources.The resources are of high quality and the descriptions are
edited by information service experts. In all, the Virtual Library includes 13000 references
decribing Internet resources covering 56 subject fields.
FinElib The National electronic Library
The National Electronic Library is a programme launched by the Ministry of Education
that aims at supporting higher education and research in Finland. From the beginning of
2000, the National Library of Finland is responsible for the activities. FinELib acquires
Finnish and foreign electronic material, such as scientific journals and reference databases
for specialist fields.The goal is to provide material serving as many scientific disciplines as
possible. It is also the intention to offer a more effective way of finding material from the
Net and to provide common access to information using the data network. provides access to Finnish Networked Library Services under one user
interface.The portal serves as a starting point especially for users seeking information about
libraries, culture and information services.The Finnish Networked Library Services is a unit
of Helsinki City Library (the central library for public libraries in Finland) and is financed
by the Ministry of Education.
Aquarelle Information Network on Cultural Heritage
Aquarelle is an R&D Project supported by the Telematics Application Programme of the
European Union. It was initially set up through a tight co-operation of public authorities
from four countries, namely Greece, Italy, France and the UK, associated with research
organisations and IT companies from the same countries.The main challenge that is