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addressed in the project is the requirement to provide access to legacy data which has been
created well before the emergence of the Internet, and which is supported by very
heterogeneous systems.
BRAVA Broadcast Restoration of Archives through Video Analysis
The project aims at developing tools for digital restoration of large amounts of broadcast
archive documents (video and film), for re-exploitation purposes. It will build upon earlier
developments realised within the framework of the Aurora project.BRAVA will provide
tools for re-exploiting the huge archives programme stocks available from archives such as
CYCLADES An open Collaborative Virtual Archive Environment
The main objective of CYCLADES is to develop advanced Internet accessible mediator
services to support scholars both individually and as members of networked communities
when interacting with large interdisciplinary electronic (e-print) archives. Such archives are
important vehicles for the dissemination of preliminary results and non-peer reviewed "grey
literature". CYCLADES aims at supporting the transition of e-print systems into genuine
building blocks of a transformed scholarly communication model by developing a set of
leading edge technologies providing innovative methods for information access, dissemi-
nation, sharing and collaborative work.
MESMUSES Metaphors for Science Museums
MESMUSES (2001-2003) aims at designing and experimenting metaphors for organi-
sing, structuring and presenting the scientific and technical knowledge offered to the public
by scientific museums.These metaphors are built upon knowledge maps which define and
connect neighbouring knowledge domains.These maps enable the creation of semantic
portals through which users will easily locate information relevant to their current interest,
and from which they navigate either on predefined itineraries, or on new routes that they
will choose freely on the map.
AMICITIA Asset Management Integration of Cultural Heritage in the
Interexchange between Archives
AMICITIA aims at building the base for a continued and viable digital preservation of
and access to television and video content through the construction of various vital compo-
nents enabling a digital archiving system to serve all required roles in ingest, management,
access and distribution of audio-visual material. A special focus is placed on enabling
remote, multilingual access to archive content stored in a distributed environment.The
system will be designed to serve both the needs of professional users (regarding preser-
vation, quality, access flexibility and usability) and the needs of public access (regarding
simplicity of use, security and availability.