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CARMEN ­ Content Analysis Retrieval and MetaData: Effective Networking
CARMEN (1999-2002) is a Global-Info funded project.The focus of CARMEN is on
content analysis. It will develop new tools in the subject with strong connection to content
retrieval. Efforts to give homogeneity and consistency to decentralised information environ-
ments try to create information systems for distributed data repositories.The project will
approach content analysis with developments and prototypical implementations in three
fields: Metadata, treatment of (remaining) heterogeneity, retrieval for structured documents
and heterogeneous data types.
COLLATE ­ Collaboratory for Annotation, Indexing and Retrieval of Digitised
Historical Archive Material
The term "collaboratory" (a merger of collaboration and laboratory) has been defined as
a virtual centre in the Web, where professionals and lay persons are provided with means for
interacting with colleagues, accessing instrumentation, sharing data and computational
resources, and accessing information, e.g., in digital libraries and archives. COLLATE sets
out to implement a "collaboratory in use" for the preservation and study of film censorship
documents, photos and film fragments.The test collection is provided by three major
European film institutes/archives.The project has two complementary overall goals:To
ensure collaborative accessibility of cultural heritage, and to establish evidence for the
applicability and usefulness of a collabo-ratory in the film historical domain.
DIEPER ­ Digitised European Periodicals
Partners from ten European countries, including the University of Göttingen, have
joined to build a virtual network and a central access point to make accessible periodicals
that have been retrospectively digitised in Europe or anywhere else in the world.
See also the digitsation projects of the University of Göttingen that will make accessible
material of the Asch Collection (rare books, maps, manuscripts) and academic sources of the
18th and early 19th century (handbooks, compendia and otther key sources).
GLOBAL INFO ­ The German Digital Library Project
The German Digital Libraries Project is imbedded in the Information Infrastructure
Program of the German Federal Government for the years 1996-2000. It fosters co-
operation between universities, scientific publishing houses (including various international
publishers), book dealers, and special subject information centres, as well as academic and
research libraries.
LEAF ­ Linking and Exploring Authority Files
LEAF (2001-2003) is developing a model architecture for a distributed search system that
harvests existing name authority information.The goal is to automatically establish a user
needs-based common name authority file in a specific sector highly relevant to the cultural
heritage of Europe.