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MALVINE Manuscripts and Letters via Integrated Networks in Europe
The MALVINE project opened new and enhanced access to disparate holdings of
modern manuscripts and letters, kept and catalogued in European libraries, archives, docu-
mentation centres and museums.The idea of MALVINE is to build a network of these
institutions in Europe; a network which is independent of heterogeneous technical solu-
tions and which is accessible from all over the world as if being a homogenous unified
ARCHEOGUIDE Augmented Reality-based Cultural Heritage On-site Guide
The ARCHEOGUIDE project intends to provide new approaches for accessing
information at cultural heritage sites in a compelling, user-friendly way through the
development of a system based on advanced IT including augmented reality, 3D-
visualization, mobile computing, and multimodal interaction techniques.
ARION An Advanced Lightweight Architecture for Accessing Scientific Collections
ARION aims at providing a new generation of digital library services for search and
retrieval of digital scientific collections that reside within research and consulting organi-
sations.These collections contain data, programs and tools in various scientific areas and
incorporate applications of different domains of knowledge.
TOURBOT Interactive Museum Tele-presence through Robotic Avatars
The goal of this project is to develop an interactive TOUr-guide RoBOT (TOURBOT)
able to provide individual access to museums' exhibits and cultural heritage over the Inter-
net.TOURBOT will operate as the user's avatar in a museum by accepting commands over
the Web that direct it to move in its workspace and visit specific exhibits. As a result, the
user enjoys a personalised tele-presence to the museum, being able to choose the exhibits to
visit as well as the preferred viewing conditions (point of view, distance to the exhibit,
resolution, etc). Furthermore,TOURBOT will be able to guide on-site museum visitors
providing either group or personalised tours.
Breaking the Silence -- Voicing the Experience of `Staying-at-home' in an
Emigrant Society
The project will explore the social impact of emigration on Irish society by developing
an on-line oral archive based on life history interviews on selected subjects.The project
forms part of a tripartite study of migration and Irish life, being carried out together with
the University of North London and New York University. It will capture living memories
of Irish life in the 1940s and 1950s by interviewing those who remained in Ireland in these
decades when so many were leaving.`Breaking the Silence' will establish a national archive
of digitally recorded interviews and make it widely accessible online.