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CHILDE Children's Historical Literature Disseminated throughout Europe
CHILDE (2000-2002) will use web technology to allow wider and open access to each
partner's collection of 19th century European children's literature.The aim is not only to
develop a digitised selection of European historical children's illustrations, but also an edu-
cation programme based on the collection and a body of knowledge and expertise in the
preservation and conservation of children's literature. It is intended that the project will also
provide the foundation for the development of an EU-wide network for historical
children's literature.
Text and Image
This project will lay the foundations of an electronic archive of images in all media
produced in Ireland and Britain in the 6th-12th centuries, with a particular focus on the
relationships between texts and images.The first stage of the project will involve the
creation of an illustrated, annotated database of the iconographic sculpture of the insular
world. In the long-term, it is hoped to expand this into an archive (electronic and photo-
graphic) of iconographic images in all media (manuscripts, metalwork, sculpture, painting,
etc.) that were produced in Britain and Ireland during the early Middle Ages.
Tracing Ireland's Lost Archaeology
By computerising and matching antiquarian records with museum registers this project
aims to re-identify unprovenanced artefacts in Irish national collections and to trace objects
of Irish provenance in museums abroad. A database of Irish antiquarian collectors and
dealers also will be compiled.
DELOS Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries
The DELOS Network (2000-2003) is a support measure that aims at providing an open
context in which an international research agenda for future research activities in the digital
libraries domain is developed and continuously updated.The Network constitutes a refe-
rence point for all Digital Library projects funded in the 5th Framework Programme,
stimulating the exchange of experiences and know-how in this multidisciplinary domain,
and establishes close contacts with relevant application communities. It makes test-beds
available, facilitates their interoperability, and provides mechanisms for the evaluation of
models, techniques, and approaches, and the exchange of open-source software components.
ECHO European Chronicles Online
ECHO (2000-2002) aims at developing a digital library service for historical films
belonging to large national audio-visual archives. It will develop and demonstrate an open
architecture approach to distributed digital film archive services.The open architecture will
support service extensibility and interoperability.