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OpenHeritage Enabling the European Culture Economy
The OpenHeritage is an IST-research project (2001-2002) funded under the 5th Frame-
work Programme aiming to create an IT infrastructure and service to improve access to
information resources and collections held by regional museums and galleries.
RENAISSANCE A Virtual Journey in a Renaissance Court
Virtual Renaissance Court is a R&D project that aims at developing a new genre of
edutainment applications featuring: a high quality graphical interface, networked co-
operative environments, scientifically validated contents and an innovative pedagogical
approach.This will enable the reproduction of historically fascinating environments while
using the appealing interface of a game in order to teach history.The project foresees the
development of a prototype reproducing life in a Renaissance court, a 3D multi player
Internet application where the users can play the role of different courtiers at the same
SCHEMAS Forum for Metadata Schema Implementers
SCHEMAS provides a forum for metadata schema designers involved in projects under
the IST Programme and national initiatives in Europe. SCHEMAS informs schema imple-
menters about the status and proper use of new and emerging metadata standards.The
project will support development of good-practice guidelines for the use of standards in
local implementations and will investigate how metadata registries can support these aims.
EVA European Visual Archive
The project aims at investigating issues of enhancing access to historical photographic
collections.These issues include: copyright, selection procedures, user surveys, digitisation
techniques, description standards, pricing policy and digital information management
systems. Based on the outcomes of this research a web-based information system is being
developed.The system will contain descriptions and digital images that belong to the
photographic holdings of two City archives: the London Metropolitan Archives and the
City Archives of Antwerp.
Projects of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, National Library of the Netherlands
Atlas Van der Hagen en Atlas Beudeker (1997-1998), in co-operation with the British
Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts Digitised (1998-1999), in co-operation with Utrecht
University, Department of Computer & Humanities.
Digitisation of black & white and colour microfilms (1998-1999)
Digital Historical Atlas (1999-2001), in co-operation with the Rijksmusem, Amsterdam.