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NEDLIB Networked European Deposit Library
NEDLIB started in 1998 with funding from the European Commission's Telematics
Application Programme. It aims at developing a common architectural framework and basic
tools for building deposit systems for electronic publications (DSEP).The project addresses
major technical issues confronting national deposit libraries that are in the process of exten-
ding their deposit, whether by legal or voluntary means, to digital works.
PULMAN Network of Excellence
The PULMAN Network of Excellence was launched in 2001 under the European
Commission's research programme for a User-Friendly Information Society (DG Infor-
mation Society). Europe's public libraries and cultural organisations have a vital role to play
in the development of an e-Europe.The PULMAN Network will stimulate and promote
sharing of policies and practices for the digital era, in public libraries and cultural organi-
sations which operate at local and regional level. Initial membership of the PULMAN
Network includes representatives of 26 European countries.
RENARDUS Academic Subject Gateway Service Europe
Renardus is a collaborative project that aims to improve academic users' access to a range
of existing Internet-based information services across Europe.The project will improve
access to existing Internet-accessible collections of cultural and scientific resources across
Europe through a single interface.The collaborative approach has implications for
organisational, technical and metadata standards.
SEPIA Safeguarding European Photographic Images for Access
SEPIA promotes awareness of the need to preserve photographic collections, provides
training for professionals involved in preservation and digitisation of photographic collec-
tions and develops an overall framework for future projects in the area of preservation and
access of photographic materials.
CultureNet Norway
CultureNet Norway, launched in 1999, is a government sponsored multi-purpose gate-
way to cultural institutions and events in Norway. It was established in accordance with
recommendations made by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs in a 1997 report on ICT in the
culture sector. CultureNet is structured in four networks: Archives, Libraries, Art and
Netting Local History in Norway An ALM Project
Netting Local History is an initiative that follows up the request from the Norwegian
government for a closer collaboration between archives, libraries and museums (ALM).This
network-project, initiated and organised by the Norwegian Directorate for Public Libraries,
covers seven local projects with different aims and activities. Its main objectives are to
develop collaboration in the sector of museums, libraries and archives, and try out network