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organisation in the development of public libraries in order to improve the public's access to
records on local history by utilising the digital technologies.
ONE (1997) was a collaborative project co-financed by the European Commission's
Libraries Programme involving 15 organisations in 8 European countries. ONE's goal was
to provide library users with better ways to access library OPACs and national catalogues
and to stimulate and facilitate networking between libraries in Europe.
Past Signs and Present Memories Euro Pre-Art
The project aim at establishing a database of European prehistoric art documentation,
including images, to provide a basis of an European institutional network of units devoted
to this domain. It will improve methodologies on techniques of inventory, storing data,
interdisciplinarity, networking and accessibility/diffusion through the use of information
technologies. Furthermore, it will contribute to the awareness, among European population,
of the diversity and richness of European Prehistoric Art, as one of the oldest artistic
expression of humankind.
GEIRA Multimedia Information Services on the Scientific and Cultural Hheritage
in North Portugal
Goals of this project are to promote the Portuguese scientific and cultural heritage and to
stimulate an adequate use of the natural environment.Topics of the project include: obser-
vatory of science and technology in higher education; online cataloguing and access to the
documented heritage in libraries and archives; multidisciplinary characterisation of the
natural heritage - archaeology, biology, geology.
25th April 1974 From Ephemera to History
25th April 1974 from ephemera to history is a project of the National Library of
Portugal that aims to record and digitise ephemeral collections, from the National Library
and from private collectors, on the subject of the 1974 revolution in Portugal.
Vidion - An On-Line Archive for Video
Vidion is a national project involving RTP (public national TV broadcaster), INESC
(research institute) and Europarque (responsible for a science centre).It is concerned with
the conversion, restoring and preservation of an audio-visual library of more than 400.000
documents representing more than 300 000 hours of video.Vidion will propose a strategy
for the evolution towards the digital domain of the complete RTP archive, and will develop
an archive to be used by the news service of RTP.