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Clásicos Tavera
Clásicos Tavera is a project undertaken by the Biblioteca Nacional in co-operation with
the Fundación Histórica Tavera. It includes the digitised text of classic and key works in the
history of Spain and Iberoamérica in every field of learning. Some 4,000 titles will be
scanned within 4 years. Clásicos Tavera will include two complementary areas: general
information sources and specific themes.The former will include manuscript collections,
specialist archives, theses, bibliographies, and the like; while the latter will cover colonial and
constitutional legislation, genealogy, cartography, architecture, medicine, science, and the
history of literature on the Iberian peninsula.
COVAX ­ Contemporary Culture Virtual Archive in XML
The main purpose of COVAX is to test the use of XML to combine document
descriptions and digitised surrogates of cultural documents to build a global system for
search and retrieval, increasing accessibility via the Internet to electronic resources,
regardless of their location.
Memoria Hispanica
Memoria Hispanica (started in 1995) is the main digitisation project of the Biblioteca
Nacional of Spain.The project involves the digitisation of unique works, items of extreme
rarity and other treasures of the Biblioteca Nacional, the books most often sought by
readers - provided these are not subject to copyright - and the volumes most susceptible to
deterioration.The scanned images will be linked up with the corresponding bibliographical
description in the data base of the Biblioteca Nacional, ARIADNA, and made accessible
CulturNet Sweden
CultureNet Sweden was initiated by the Swedish government to increase access to
Swedish culture through the Internet. CultureNet Sweden started out as a three-year
project between 1997-1999 and is now a permanent responsibility of the Swedish National
Council for Cultural Affairs. CultureNet Sweden is a centre of competence in the use of IT
for culture, and maintains close links to Swedish cultural web sites.
DERAL ­ Distance Education in Rural Areas via Libraries
DERAL (1998-2000) encouraged public libraries to play an increasingly important part
in transferring information, knowledge and education to users who have difficulty in
following courses of study delivered through formal education institutions.
ETB ­ The European Schools Treasury Browser
The ETB is the European SchoolNet's web-based educational resource infrastructure for
schools in Europe. It is linking together existing national, local or specialised repositories,
encouraging new online publication, and providing a reliable level of quality and structure.
It wants to create a dynamic metadata network; gateways to existing metadata-driven