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education systems; a multilingual educational subject classification; an intelligent metadata
authoring tool for educators; quality assurance systems; searchable metadata registries -- a
full set of harmonisation actions.
Kulturarw3 is a project of The Royal Library, National Library of Sweden, focusing on
archiving and long-term preservation of electronic documents.The aim of the project is to
test methods of harvesting, preserving and providing access to Swedish electronic docu-
ments which are accessible on line in such a way that they can be regarded as published.
Through this project, the library is building a collection of Swedish electronic publishing
for our time and for coming generations.
LCSH ­ Library of Congress Subject Headings
The Royal Library is co-developing a project of adapting Swedish subject headings to
the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) and their guidelines.The database
Svenska ämnesord (Swedish subject headings) is in the process of being translated and
adapted to LCSH.The overall planning aims to raise the quality rating of LIBRIS subject
headings, to facilitate and promote matters concerning subject headings, and co-operation
on a national and international level.
This project aims at publishing free electronic editions of old (out of copyright) books
from Sweden and other Nordic countries on the Internet.The catalogue of Nordic
Literature on the Internet since 1992 lists more than 200 titles, most of which are in
Swedish. Project Runeberg is built on voluntary co-operation -- with hundreds of
volunteers around the world.
United Kingdom
Agora's objective is to explore issues of distributed, mixed-media information manage-
ment, based on an open standards-based platform.This objective includes developing the
scalability, enabling infrastructure and change-management tools for successful widespread
dissemination and implementation throughout the community.
CEDARS ­ CURL Exemplars in Digital Archives
The project aims to promote awareness of the importance of digital preservation, to
produce strategic frameworks for digital collection management policies and to promote
methods appropriate for long-term preservation.The Cedars project is a UK digital
preservation project funded by JISC/CEI through the Electronic Libraries Programme
(eLib).The project is under the overall direction of the Consortium of University Research
Libraries (CURL).