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IMesh Toolkit An architecture and toolkit for distributed subject gateways
The IMesh Toolkit project is funded under the NSF/JISC International Digital Libraries
Initiative.The project runs for a period of three years starting from September 1999.The
project will build on existing subject gateway software to develop a configurable, reusable
and extensible toolkit for subject gateway providers. A complementary research strand will
consider issues of relevance in the distributed, international subject gateway environment,
including metadata sharing and reuse.The toolkit will support the research activity and the
research activity will guide the development of the toolkit.
MODELS is a UKOLN initiative supported by the Electronic Libraries Programme and
the British Library. It is motivated by the recognised need to develop an applications frame-
work to manage the rapidly multiplying range of distributed heterogeneous information
resources and services being offered to libraries and their users.Without an appropriate
framework, use of networked information will not be as effective as it should be. MODELS
is providing a forum within which the UK library and information communities can
explore shared concerns, address design and implementation issues, initiate concerted
actions, and work towards a shared view of preferred systems and architectural solutions.