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Wax death mask of Mary, Queen of Scots, 1587
Image copyright: Lennoxlove House Ltd., licensed to SCRAN
Wang Wei-ming in "Songs of the Wanderers", performed by Cloud Gate
Dance Theatre of Taiwan, photographed by Yu Hui-Hung, July 1997
Image Copyright: Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan,Yu Hui-Hung
Colenso Abafana Benko Khelo
Image Copyright:The House of World Cultures,
photographer:William Strauch
Cnoc Ceann Gharaidh (Callanish II), Lewis,Western Isles, Scotland
Image copyright: Paola Arosio and Diego Meozzi, licensed to SCRAN
Claude Monet: Haystacks, Snow Effect, 1891
Image copyright:The National Gallery of Scotland,
licensed to SCRAN (
Tabula Peutingeriana
(A medieval copy of a road map dating back to the Roman age)
Image copyright: Image archive of the Austrian National Library
"AmaNdebele" exhibition, 1991
Image Copyright:The House of World Cultures
Charme: valse boston: pour piano /
par Theodor Pinet (between 1901 and 1905)
Image Copyright:The Royal Library, National Library of Sweden