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The DigiCULT Report and the Executive Summary were prepared with the assistance of
the following persons:
Editor in Chief:
Andrea Mulrenin, Salzburg Research (A)
Guntram Geser, Salzburg Research (A)
Andrea Mulrenin, Salzburg Research (A)
Wernher Behrendt, Salzburg Research (A)
Andrew Cameron, Maplehurst Consultants, Paris (FR)
Mark Markus, Salzburg Research (A)
Michela Michilli, Consorzio Civita, Rome (I)
Daniel Schutze, Maplehurst Consultants, Paris (FR)
Costis Dallas, Panteion University, Athens (GR)
Paul Fiander, BBC Information and Archives, London (UK)
Walter Koch, Cultural Service Center, Graz (A)
Klaus-Dieter Lehmann, Foundation Prussian Cultural Heritage, Berlin (D)
Project partners
Jan Baeke, Netherlands Filmmuseum, Amsterdam (NL)
& Reviewers:
Sandy Buchanan, Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network,
Edinburgh (UK)
Johan Mannerheim, Royal Library,The National Library of Sweden,
Stockholm (SWE)
Michela Michilli, Consorzio Civita, Rome (I)
Hans Petschar, Austrian National Library,Vienna (A)
Bruce Royan, Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network,
Edinburgh (UK)
Eva Stein, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (D)
Quality Control:
Wernher Behrendt, Salzburg Research (A)
John Pereira, Salzburg Research (A)
Estella Rushaija,The Digital Guild (UK)
French: Stanislas Mararo Bucyalimwe,The Pulman Consortium,
Antwerp (BE), Barbara Hasenbichler, Salzburg Research (A)
German: Guntram Geser, Andrea Mulrenin, Salzburg Research (A)
Italian: Giuliana Mancini, Giampiero Segneri, Consorzio Civita,
Rome (I)
Layout &
Andreas Gruber, Salzburg Research (A)
Andreas Meilinger, Salzburg Research (A)
Werner Moser, Salzburg Research (A)
Jan Steindl, Salzburg Research (A)