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funded institutions in Denmark:
allocating funds for digitisation and online dissemination projects,
web hosting services,
connection of all publicly-financed cultural institution through an extranet,
knowledge-transfer in the form of 1-day conferences on specific issues relevant to
cultural heritage institutions, 8 9 times a year; conference topics are, for example
e-commerce, dissemination strategies, watermarking, design strategies, etc.,
technical support: beside a technical help-desk, KulturNet Denmark offers technical
support through a webmaster on location, in the cultural institutions.
Selection criteria for projects administered by KND
Projects need to address the two primary objectives of Danish cultural heritage policy:
to initiate collaboration between different institutions, and
to stimulate, through digitisation, the dissemination of the Danish national
cultural heritage.
In addition, the following selection criteria should be applied:
emphasise official collections,
supplement digitised material with additional resources especially created
for the Internet,
produce results of a technical format that can be disseminated via the Internet,
produce visible results in 6-9 months,
target the general Danish citizen who is interested in culture,
show collaboration across institutions and contribute to the realisation of
establishing virtual collections,
build on and increase the technical knowledge and dissemination experience from
previous projects supported by KND,
be a pilot project that provides knowledge and experience for the benefit
of other institutions,
be maintained beyond the project period, and should be expanded and further
developed by the institution itself.
When many projects fulfil the application criteria, smaller cultural institutions are given
preferential treatment.
The lack of IT skills within smaller institutions is also regarded as a severe problem the
Danish cultural heritage sector faces today."Whenever small institutions are looking for IT
solutions", explains Pia Vigh,"they need to buy services from companies, which means, it is
very expensive and instead of being an investment in your institution, you are investing into
commercial companies. (...) If you do not hold sufficient IT skills within your own
institution or organisation, than it is very difficult to decide what requirements are needed
for your project when you draft an agreement with a company. And it is difficult to
evaluate, when they deliver an IT solution, if they actually supply what you need."
Therefore, since winter 2000, one of the services offered by KulturNet Denmark is
having the webmaster consult with small institutions on requirement definitions and
contracts with commercial companies. Unfortunately, cultural institutions do not always
take advantage of this service.
Although creating awareness among Danish citizens for cultural heritage is one of the
major tasks of KulturNet, there is no designated marketing budget available to promote the
Danish culture gateway.This stimulated the KulturNet Secretariat to come up with