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Services for citizens
To Danish citizens, KulturNet Denmark currently offers, free of charge, the following,
partly bilingual services:
The Culture Guide: The Culture Guide offers information on Danish culture and cultural
institutions. Updated regularly, it features editorial reviews of selected Danish cultural web
sites that are public institutions administered by the Danish Ministry of Culture.
Culture News: Culture News on a weekly basis offers a selection of news items, articles
and interviews, as well as "e-says", i.e. expert contributions highlighting particular issues of
Danish culture and information technologies.
Calendar of Activities and Events: In collaboration with the Danish company KultuNaut,
the cultural calendar on the KulturNet gateway informs citizens about cultural events and
the cultural activities taking place in the public cultural institutions of Denmark.
The culture calendar is also available via WAP over mobile phones. For the "mobile"
cultural calendar, KulturNet Denmark works together with an intermediary, a Danish
company, who provides event calendars over mobile phones.
KulturNet Future
The future of KulturNet Denmark looks optimistic. Conceptualised initially as a five
year project, KulturNet Denmark is currently in the last year of the first project phase.
The Danish Ministry, however, has already decided that the project will not only
continue but that it will be considerably enlarged. Although it has not been determined
to which extent: growing ambitions? increased financing? broadened scope? more staff?
At the moment, KulturNet Denmark is being evaluated by independent reviewers as a
bases for future development.To Pia Vigh, this course leads across the Danish national
boarder, and around the globe. Although particularly designed for Danish citizens, she is
convinced that on the global Internet the cultural gateway also needs to respond to the
requirements of a global audience. "Since we know that culture is one of the main
interests of the international community when it comes to Denmark, it is crucial that we
do disseminate Danish culture to an international audience." In this respect she suggests
that a national digitisation strategy for cultural heritage resources should be
supplemented by a strategy to facilitate contemporary art and networked art that already
takes place at an international level.
With regard to the services KulturNet Denmark offers to Danish citizens, in the
future, the functionality and services of the portal to Danish culture will be greatly
extended as the public service obligation in Denmark extends to the Internet.Then,
KulturNet Denmark as gateway to culture for Danish citizens will be defined as a public
service, similar to public broadcasting.This implies, to also co-operate with the other
major public service providers, the Danish public television and radio, to co-operate and
supplement each other with respect to online services.
International co-operation is already a part of the KulturNet mission statement,
although it is limited only to the Nordic partner.The new version of the mission
statement should stress the need for co-operation not just within Europe but world-
wide.The necessity to do so lies with the need to gain a better understanding of other
cultures and nations: "When you are in the business of cultural heritage and national
culture," says Pia Vigh, "you are also in the business of working with a national identity.
In order not to be taken hostage in the wrong discussion of nationalism, I think it is
very, very crucial that we are engaged with pan-national initiatives and international