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technologies that affect all practices and procedures of an institution, if properly integrated.
Therefore, ALM institutions that aim at optimising their internal and external workflow
with ICT have to rethink their complete institutional fabric.
Results from the DigiCULT Online Delphi indicate that experts tend to expect a
considerable impact of ICTs on the organisational structures of cultural institutions.They
were asked to react to the following statement:"Adaptation to the new electronic environ-
ment will lead to a complete transformation of the organisational structures of cultural
institutions (to achieve more flexibility)". Of 51 experts who responded, 32 said yes, 12 no,
and 7 not clear.Yet, most were sceptical or quite unclear whether this would affect the
traditional departmental structure of the institutions.The questionnaire included the
statement:"In the next 10 years, cultural institutions will throw their traditional
departmental structure over board to achieve full integration of their technological
systems."The result for this statement was: yes: 14, no: 15, and not clear: 22.