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DigiCULT.Info is a quarterly electronic journal presenting current news, articles, interviews, opinions, and issues related to cultural heritage and the information society. Our aim is to bring developing projects and initiatives to a wider audience, to demonstrate the use of technologies and standards, and to provide greater access to the expertise and experiences of fellow cultural heritage professionals. 10, October 2005

Prototyping, augmented reality, digital archives from Greece, BIRTH television archive, VICODI and the semantic Web, InterPARES2, NEMO, and more news from our regional correspondents
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Lo-Res PDF (810Kb) 9, November 2004

Open PDFExaminging digital contextualisation for knowledge acquisition - reproducing Greek masks for performance - Austrian digital heritage - news from DigiCULT's Regional Correspondents - examining technologies and cultural heritage - Te Ara digital encyclopedia - thoughts on born-digital art - DiVA academic archive - new guides on digitisation - DSpace in a university trial - event reports
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HTML version 8, August 2004

Open PDFFor the first time, DigiCULT has devoted a section of this publication to a detailed focus on the cultural and scientific heritage work being carried out in one particular country. DigiCULT.Info's Content Editor, Daisy Abbott, spent a week interviewing sector professionals in France and their thoughts and experiences are presented in this special section, alongside articles and reports from French projects and events.
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DigiCULT.Info 7, April 2004

Open PDFReplica of La Dama de Elche using 3D scanning and printing technologies - DigiCULT user survey - projects on e-learning - Spanish archives on the Web - interview with Susan Hazan - digitisation projects in Italy - interview with Paolo Buonora - more from DigiCULT's Regional Correspondents
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DigiCULT.Info 6, December 2003

Open PDFDigiCULT introduces our regional correspondents - using 3D technologies in heritage projects - content management - new open source tools - action in the preservation of memory - the object of learning - IRCAM digital sound archive - our knowledge society - news and events.
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DigiCULT.Info 5, November 2003

Open PDF. Image © ARKive, 2003ARKive and educational games - human language technologies - introduction to Applications Service Providers - astronomical photo archive, interview with Jean-Pierre de Cuyper - news for European projects - DAVID - DELOS - E-CultureNet - open source solutions - digitisation in Turkish libraries - Open Video Archive.
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DigiCULT.Info 4, August 2003

Open PDF. Image © Theatron project, University of WarwickFocus on the use of 3D visualisation technologies in archaeological study - the emulation of BBC Domesday - introduction to LESTER and ESDS - a discussion of the YLE sound archive.
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DigiCULT.Info 3, February 2003

Open PDF. Image © Claire Larkin, Smithsonian America Art MuseumSemantic web - interview with Marco Meli - events reports - metadata and standards - mobile computing in museums - charging models.
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DigiCULT.Info 2, October 2002

Open PDF. Image © Jon IppolitoDAMS thematic forum - interview with Michael Moon - interview with John Ippolito: conceptual art and digital preservation - strategies for digital libraries - European Network of Excellence on Electronic Archives - events reports.
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DigiCULT.Info 1, July 2002

Open PDF. Image © John Pereira, Salzburg ResearchLaunch of DigiCULT - interview with Luciana Duranti - integrity and authenticity of digital objects - new projects and products
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