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Technology Watch Reports

The DigiCULT Technology Watch Report is a major annual volume, covering six technologies expected to have a substantial impact on the future of cultural heritage projects, professionals working in the sector, and approaches to cultural materials. Their primary aim is to give a solid and impartial grounding in new and developing technologies to those without the time or the IT confidence to gain an independent familiarity, together with a view of the changing technological and methodological landscapes.

DigiCULT TWR 3, December 2004

Open PDFOpen Source Software and Standards; Natural Language Processing; Information Retrieval; Location-Based Systems; Visualisation of Data; Telepresence, Haptics, Robotics;
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DigiCULT TWR 2, February 2004

Open PDFThe Application Service Model; The XML Family of Technologies; Cultural Agents and Avatars, Electronic Programming Guides and Personalisation; Mobile Access to Cultural Information Resources; Rights Management and Payment Technologies; Collaborative Mechanisms and Technologies
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DigiCULT TWR 1, February 2003

Open PDFCustomer Relationship Management; Digital Asset Management Systems; Smart Labels and Smart Tags; Virtual Reality and Display Technologies; Human Interfaces; Games Technologies
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Technology Watch Briefings

DigiCULT Technology Watch Briefings are essentially early draft versions of the chapters that go on to make up the Technology Watch Reports. Appearing at regular intervals throughout the year, TWBs offer the wider cultural heritage community an opportunity to track the development of the shape and content of the forthcoming TWR, and to offer suggestions for changes via the online comments system.

There are no Technology Watch Briefings currently available.